Miss Magpie Designs
Detailed pet portraiture and wildlife art
As featured in Etc. Magazine
Portrait Process

My aim is to produce a detailed and expressive portrait of your pet that you or your loved one will be able to treasure for many years. I work with high-quality coloured pencils on lightly textured tonal paper and finish each piece with a touch of white acrylic ink to bring out those all-important highlights, such as that cheeky twinkle in the eye or shine on the nose. The time each piece takes depends on several factors including the size of the portrait; the type of animal e.g. long or short-haired; the quality of the reference photos etc. I recommend allowing a minimum of six weeks when booking your portrait.

I work from photographs provided by you to bring your pet to life on paper. It is entirely up to you how many photos you choose to provide. A selection of pictures showing various poses would be an advantage as it means I can choose the one that I think would work the best from a compositional point of view. However, if you have a photo that best represents the personality of your pet, I am more than happy to work with that.

Please take the few guidelines below into consideration when selecting your photographs.

In the case of several subjects on one portrait, I will create a mock-up of the piece using Photoshop and send this to you for approval prior to starting the drawing. Your satisfaction is the priority so it is important to me that I get your portrait just right.